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Fresh & Natural Gifts for Body & Soul!

is a homegrown company founded on the idea that bath & body products should be natural, fresh, hand-crafted, environmentally safe... and good for you! Our premium creations are 100% pure & natural - no synthetics, no animal products and are cruelty free.







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SoapBox is the natural choice for all your gift shopping! We now do custom gift baskets for everyone on your personal or corporate gift list.



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Did You Know?

We sell empty milk bottles (the ones we use for our bath salts), with or without the cork. They make great vases, table top decoration, and, of course, unique packaging.


Try our fab Aromatherapy Sprays !!


Questions? Call us at (818) 232-7429


Check us out for your needs in natural aromatherapy, essential oils, gifts, gift baskets, handmade soap, lotions, skincare, bath salts, body oil and any other kind of skin care or body product!

Everything here is all natural & handmade - using only the aromatherapy of essential oils for aroma!

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Fall 2022: (updated every so often!)

What's New? We now have... a Special Gifts Section!

ALL NEW - We now sell empty milk bottles (the ones we use for our bath salts), with or without the cork.

Also - we have a variety of Pure Essential Oils for all your aromatherapy purposes! Check them out!

Pure Essential Oils!


Pure & Natural!

We make only Natural Products! We don't use synthetic fragrances - we don't use synthetic colors - we don't use animal products - and we don't compromise on quality!

Pay attention to the labels on the products you buy - Often times you'll see "Tallow" or "sodium tallowate" listed in the ingredients on other soaps... that means they're using animal fat - not vegetable oil!

If they list "fragrance" or "perfume" in their ingredients (on anything - not just soap) it means they're probably using synthetics. We use only pure & natural essential oils to give our products their aroma.


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If you're looking for aromatherapy products, body oil, body products, essential oils, gifts, gift baskets, herbal & handmade soaps, lotions, skincare products or are shopping for any kind of nature products for skincare or your body - check us out!

Our products are biodegradable & environmentally friendly! Our site is shopping friendly - we have secure-server shopping for safe and secure gift shopping!

We make our products with strict attention to aromatherapy principles. Our bath and body products, lotions, soaps, body scub, etc. are made cruelty free with the utmost care and quality!

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We send out e-mail every so often to keep our friends aware of new products or updates on what we already have (lotion, bath salts, body oil, essential oil, gifts, gift baskets, handmade soap, skin care products - and all things aromatheraputic!) We also have seasonal & holiday specials on skin care items, body scrubs, gifts, gift baskets and other aromatherapy and body products!

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call: (818) 232-7429
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SoapBox creates, distributes and retails fine, all-natural, handcrafted, bath and body products for use in personal care, aromatherapy & body care. We have handmade soap, Dead Sea salts, body oils, body scrub, essential oils, lotions, bath bombs, body balms, herbal soap and other fresh products from nature which make great gifts or are perfect for gift baskets and holidays as well! Thanks for stopping by to visit!

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There is nothing at this website or contained within this website that should be construed or interpreted to be medical advice. If you have a serious medical condition, please consult a medical professional. All of our products should be used with the same reasonable care & cautions as any other bath, body, household, or cosmetic product that you use. Although our products use natural ingredients and are all handmade, this does not preclude the possibility that you might have an allergic reaction to using any of our products. If you experience any discomfort or abnormal irritation when using any of our products, discontinue use and consult a medical professional.

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